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Moticam A5 Microscope Camera

Moticam A5 Microscope Camera
Product Code :  MIC-700-240Price:  £380.70 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 761


A series of USB connected Starter Line microscope cameras from Motic. At the lower end, the Moticam A1 or Moticam A2 provide fast, stable images, due to the smaller data volume (lower resolution) – ideal as more economical options, or for younger students.

Also available is the mid-range 5MP Moticam A5 and higher-end Moticam A8 (8MP) and Moticam A16 (16MP) cameras – suitable for more demanding image requirements (e.g. projection onto large screens, printing, or forensic level study) at higher resolutions.


The Moticam A-Series cameras come supplied with a range of accessories, including: Calibration slide; Eyepiece adapters (2 sizes); Focusable lens; C-ring; Macro tube (for close-up viewing of larger specimens); USB 2.0 cable.

Also supplied is the simple to use MotiConnect software app, which is free to download, and allows users to capture, measure and annotate images (can be upgraded to Motic Images 3.1 by separate purchase). Compatible with Windows 10, MAC OSX10.9, Linux UBUNTU1604 or higher.

Suitable for use with trinocular microscopes (in conjunction with a C-mount adapter) and binocular or monocular microscopes via the eyepiece and an eyepiece adapter.

This model: Moticam A5 microscope camera.

Product Code :  MIC-700-240
Brand:  MOTIC
Model:  Moticam A5
Compatibility:  Windows 10, MAC OSX10.9, Linux UBUNTU1604 or higher
Resolution:  5MP
Connectivity:  USB 2.0
Software:  MotiConnect for Windows/OSX/Linux (Download only)
Sensor:  sCMOS 1/2.8"

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