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KERN OBS Series - Micrometer Eyepiece

KERN OBS Series - Micrometer Eyepiece
Product Code :  MIC-900-740Price:  £42.42 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 84

Brand:  KERN


Replacement microscope eyepieces, with in-built graticule. These eyepieces are microscope specific, and have 100 divisions in 10mm and a crosshair. With wide-field 10x magnification and 18mm diameter field of view (WF10x/18mm), eyepieces typically have a barrel outer diameter (the narrower part of the eyepiece) of 23mm, and an inner diameter of approx. 20mm, which is standard for most educational microscope eyepieces.

To fit KERN OBS series microscopes only.


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