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Lascells Microwave Complete Set (TX, RX, RX Probe)

Lascells Microwave Complete Set (TX, RX, RX Probe)
Product Code :  OPL-885-100Price:  £610.60 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 1220



A complete microwave set available together or separately:
Microwave Transmitter - Utilizes a Schottky diode oscillator module feeding a tuned waveguide and horn to give a directional microwave beam. The beam is modulated with a variable frequency audio signal which can be adjusted by the control on the top panel.
Power is from a mains plug-top unit (supplied).

Microwave Receiver - Uses a plate antenna which gives high sensitivity over a broad area. Output is to an internal loudspeaker and power is derived from a mains plug-top unit (supplied). A control allows the user to adjust the sensitivity to cater for different circumstances and distances.

Microwave Probe Receiver - Gives a localised, precision receiver which finds particular application in identifying areas of peak and low amplitude in interference, reflection and refraction experiments.
There are two controls; one for sensitivity and the other for volume of output to the internal loudspeaker. Power is from a mains plug-top unit. Output can be monitored by a CRO connected to the 4mm sockets for quantitative measurements.

Also available:
Microwave Polarisers - A Pair of polarising grills for demonstrating the effects of polarisation with 3cm microwaves.
Each polariser is constructed from powder coated steel plate and has 6mm slots at 9mm spacings with support handle.

Microwave Accessory Kit - Comprising 2 metal reflection/diffraction plates with base, Acrylic reflection/transmission plate with base and 1 narrow metal plate to provide “Young’s Slits”

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