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MOTIC 2801 Microscope

MOTIC 2801 Microscope
Product Code :  MIC-280-230Price:  £297.90 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 594


The very attractive 18 and 28 Series microscopes share the same body design. The 28 Series have coaxial focusing (as opposed to the separate coarse and fine focusing of the 18 Series) and a rack and pinion condenser allowing for greater flexibility to achieve maximum resolution. The 2801 has a plain stage, the 1802 and 2802 benefit from having an integral mechanical stage.
The high quality Silver 120 is of superb build quality with an in-built handle (popular with technicians!) and re-chargeable batteries. It has superior achromatic objectives.

Product Code :  MIC-280-230
Brand:  MOTIC
Model:  2801
Size:  Full
Head:  Monocular
Eyepiece:  WF10X/18mm
Nosepiece:  Quardruple
Objectives:  EA Achromatic DIN
Focusing:  Coaxial, Coarse & fine
Stage:  Plain
Condenser:  1.25NA Abbe Rack and pinion
Diaphragm:  Iris
Illumination:  LED with intensity control
Power:  Re-Chargeable
Brand:  MOTIC
-Mag/NA:  4 X/0.10, 10 X/0.25, 40 X/0.65
Guarantee:  10 Year (Limited)

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