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Needle Holder

Needle Holder
Product Code :  DIN-150-100Price:  £2.06 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 4

For holding inoculating loops and flame test wires. Length 150 mm, made from aluminium with jaw clamp to hold wire. Suitable for use with 27 to 24 swg wires or needles (0.42 to 0.56 mm diameter).

Q = What is a suitable wire gauge of Nichrome wire to use with needle holders for flame testing?

A = A suitable wire gauge would be 26 swg (0.46mm diameter) but a maximum gauge of 24 swg (0.56mm) should fit into the holders.

Q = What is the maximum diameter wire which can be used with the needle holder.

A = Typically, for flame testing, Nichrome wire 0.46mm dia. (26 SWG) or Platinum wire 0.25mm dia. (33 SWG) are used in conjunction with the needle holder. However, the maximum diameter wire which could be used is approx. is 0.56mm (24 SWG).

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