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OPTIKA B-192 Microscope

OPTIKA B-192 Microscope
Product Code :  MIC-320-150Price:  £495.18 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 990


The B1-220E-SP microscope, is a re-design of the popular and long lived B1 microscope. Boasting LED illumination, semi-plan lenses and a rackless mechanical stage this upgraded model is a very exciting addition to the Motic family. The superb optical clarity and reliable mechanical engineering assure years of top performance.
Also semi-plan, the high quality Swift132 is of superb build quality with an in-built handle (popular with technicians!) and re-chargeable batteries. The Seidentopf head offers greater comfort and ease of use.
The B-192 microscope from Optika features the exclusive X-LED2 lighting source. The special design of the lens in front of the LED gives a very high level of light intensity, whilst ensuring optimal uniformity of illumination over the whole field of view. This microscope gives an excellent image using the 100x objective with WATER! Using water instead of oil reduces the tedious cleaning of lenses. As water doesn’t attract dirt and dust the way oil does your lenses stay cleaner. Optika quote an image quality using water of up to 90% of that using oil, more than enough for most educational applications. Now with plan objective lenses!

Product Code :  MIC-320-150
Brand:  OPTIKA
Model:  B-192-PL
Size:  Full
Head:  Binocular Seidentopf
Eyepiece:  WF10X/18mm
Nosepiece:  Quardruple
Objectives:  Plan
Focusing:  Coaxial, Coarse & fine
Stage:  Mechanical
Condenser:  1.25NA Abbe Spiral
Diaphragm:  Iris
Illumination:  X-LED with intensity control
Power:  Mains
Brand:  OPTIKA
-Mag/NA:  4 X/0.10, 10 X/0.25, 40 X/0.65, 100 X/1.25
Guarantee:  5 Year (Limited)

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