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Respirator Particulate Filter

Respirator Particulate Filter
Product Code :  SMA-300-150Price:  £3.98 /pr(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 6

Made from soft comfortable TPE material to ensure an optimum fit. A range of gas/vapour cartridges and particulate filters are available, which simply twist and lock into place. Filters can be combined, without the need for adapters, to provide full protection against gases/vapours and particulates, or simply be used on their own, depending on the requirement. For example you can add any particulate filter to any gas/vapour cartridge filter, or use the gas or particulate filter alone.
Masks are supplied without filters, which are available separately:
P1 Particulate filter for non-toxic dusts, mists and fumes based on water or oil.
ABE1 cartridge for organic, inorganic and acidic gases and vapours and ammonia derivatives.

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