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Breaking Point Apparatus (Strip/Wire Tester)

Breaking Point  Apparatus (Strip/Wire Tester)
Product Code :  MTR-225-100Price:  £18.50 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 36



This Breaking Point Apparatus allows testing of the tensile stiffness or elasticity (Young’s Modulus) of fine copper wires and other ductile materials (up to 30swg), as well as testing the strength of thin strips of various materials. The tester pinch bolts and clamping plates provide an easy way of securely clamping the wires or strips being tested, whilst also allowing loads to be conveniently applied. The apparatus has a maximum load capacity of 10kg, which should not be exceeded.
The material to be tested is clamped at each end in one of the supplied tester clamps. The top tester is then hung on a clamped rod or retort clamp rod, whilst the lower tester hangs freely below. Masses can then be attached to the lower tester using a slotted mass hanger, with an increasing number of slotted masses (not supplied). The extension of the elastic material being tested can simply be measured by clamping or placing a millimetre ruler behind or alongside the test material (using the top of the lower clamp as a marker).
Examples of materials which can be used for testing include copper wire, nylon filament (e.g. fishing line), elastic bands, rubber cord, hair strands etc. as well as strips of paper, polythene, rubber etc.

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