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Lascells Amplified Resonance Tube

Lascells Amplified Resonance Tube
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An amplified resonance tube from Lascells, for demonstrating and studying standing waves in an air column. This resonance / Kundt’s tube is designed for class demonstrations of standing waves at resonant frequencies. By adding the polystyrene beads included (or cork powder, not included), easily visible and impressive striation patterns are formed at resonant frequencies, indicating nodes and antinodes within the sound waves – from which the wavelength can be measured.

The large diameter acrylic tube includes an integral amplified loudspeaker, allowing the device to be driven by any signal generator (including non-amplified models).

Quantitative investigations can be accessed by using a plunger to vary tube length, or an acoustic probe (both available separately):

Use the acoustic probe to push the microphone (mounted at the end) through the sound wave, and observe the wave going through minima and maxima – from this you can determine the wavelength more scientifically, and deduce a value for speed of sound in air.

Use the plunger to alter the length of the tube. This allows investigation of the maths behind standing waves in a closed tube ( f = nv / 4L  where n = 1, 3, 5 etc.).


· Dimensions: 1130 x 150 x 137 mm

· Weight: 2.8 kg

· Input Voltage: 24 V, 1 A DC (mains power adaptor included)

· Signal Input: 24 V peak to peak, direct from signal generator (not included)

· Contents include; 1 x clear plastic tube (90 mm ­), 2 x tube supports, 1 x amplified loudspeaker, 2 x tube end caps, 1 x bag of polystyrene beads

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