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Modular Electricity Kit - Comprehensive 

Modular Electricity Kit - Comprehensive 
Product Code :  ELK-300-200Price:  £253.60 /Kit(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 506

PSU Base have developed a unique system for teaching electricity and electronics. Recognising the short comings of existing electronics kits and simple mounted components, PSU Base have taken the idea of kits and mounted components and created a hybrid system of modules: providing the flexibility of mounted components and the clarity of text book circuit diagrams. The system comprises of a comprehensive range of module covering all aspects of the curriculum. All models have magnetic bases allowing them to be placed and held on the board. each module also includes 4mm safety sockets to allow interconnection of components using connecting links or 4mm plug leads. The connector links allow students to visualise the circuit as they would a diagram. The lower part of the modules are clear and thus allowing students to see the component and the top includes a symbol to allow student to link the equipment to diagrams, as appropriate. Each kit can match your requirements as they are customisable. Alternatively there are 2 kits with everything required for GCSE and A level including a user booklet with curriculum specific experiments and circuit diagrams and photographs

These kits re-imagine hands on classroom teaching where student can build basic circuits to designs set by teachers or textbooks. Student can also be encouraged to design their own circuits to grasp a better understanding. A magnetic baseboard, power supply, a range of mounted modular components and fixed connection links are included within the kit. Also included is a booklet with curriculum specific experiments and circuits. The kit is supplied in a tray with lid and instructions for use. The kit components are also available separately allowing for a bespoke kit to be compiled and purchased.

•  Ammeter and voltmeter x 1 each
•  Plug top PSU x 1
•  Buzzer x 1
•  Plug top PSU Module
•  MES Bulb Holder x 3
•  Switch - push type (SPST)
•  2 Way Junction Box x 4
•  3 Way Junction Box x 2
•  Capacitor 5uF
•  Crocodile clip plugs x 2
•  Gratnells deep tray and Lid
•  Component link - long x 8
•  Component link - medium x 2
•  Diode 1N4001 x 1
•  LDR x 1
•  LED green x 1
•  LED red x 1
•  Magnetic Baseboard
•  Motor x 1
•  Potentiometer (1k Ohm Variable Resistor) x 1
•  PSU BASE module (Bench PSU) x 1
•  Resistors x 1 each of (100k, 100, 10k, 10, 1k, 2.2k, 470k)
•  Switch - 3 way/change over (SPDT)
•  Thermistor 300 Ohm x 1
•  150mm stackable leads red & black x 1 for connecting the volmeter/ammeter

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