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Planck's Constant Apparatus

Planck's Constant Apparatus
Product Code :  ATQ-400-100Price:  £73.54 each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 146

This apparatus is designed to determine the approximate value of PlanckÉs constant, using a range of LEDÉs of known wavelength, to allow the electron/photon energy to be calculated. There are 7 LEDÉs, covering the light range from deep blue at 470 nm to near IR at 940 nm, mounted on a box with 4mm sockets for attachment to a voltmeter and ammeter for voltage and current measurements. By monitoring the voltage at which each LED just begins to emit light, a graph of energy input as a function of light emitted frequency can be plotted and an approximate value of Planck's constant can be deduced.Requires a 9V d.c. power supply (standard lab power supply).

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