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GM Tube ZP1481 With BNC

GM Tube ZP1481 With BNC
Product Code :  RAD-340-100Price:  £480.40 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 960

This GM Tube & Holder is housed in a robust casing and has been designed to work directly with scaler -timers and ratemeters which have either BNC or TNC connectors.
The GM Tube contained within the holder is the industry standard type, ZP1481, which has a sensitive, large area detection window and can be used for detecting alpha, beta and gamma radiation. The mica window has an overall diameter of 24 mm, with a 'useful' diameter of 17 mm.
The holder provides protection to the GM Tube and includes a fixing rod to allow mounting in a squat base (STR-430-100) or retort clamp. Also contained within the Holder is a high value (4.7 MOhm) series resistor. The detection window has a protective grill covering, which can be removed for detecting low levels of radiation or for performing comparative radiation tests using a test source. The holder also includes an attached lead fitted with either a BNC or a TNC connector (TNC is suitable for the IPC Scaler timer, TMH-760-100), for attachment to a scaler-timer, counter or ratemeter.

Please note: As with all GM tubes, the detection window is VERY fragile so the GM tube should be handled carefully. If the window becomes damaged, a GM tube will cease to work and is not repairable.

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