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Radiation Film Badge

Radiation Film Badge
Product Code :  RAD-800-100Price:  £12.76 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 24

This is a non-functional demonstration of the film badges worn by Classified Radioactive Workers to measure the body dose of radiation received whilst working. In actual use, the different filters allow particular types of radiation to pass through to a radiation-sensitive film located behind the filters, and when processed the dose can be calculated. the badge has 6 filter but is supplied without film.

•  An open window which allows all incident radiation that can penetrate the film wrapping to interact with the film
•  A thin plastic film attenuates beta radiation but passes all other radiations
•  A thick plastic filter which passes all bu the lowest energy photon radiation and absorbs all but the highest beta radiation
•  A dural filter whioch progressivley absorbs photon radiation at enrgies below 65keV as well as beta radiation
•  A tin/led filter of a thickness which allows an energy independent dose response of the film over the photon energy range 75keV to 2Mev.
•  A cadmium lead filter where the capture of neutrons by cadium produces gamma rays which blacken the film thus enabling assessment of exposure to neutrons

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