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Electrophoresis Buffer (10x Conc.)

Electrophoresis Buffer (10x Conc.)
Product Code :  BIO-870-036Price:  £43.42 /500ml(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 86



This powdered blend Tris-Borate EDTA buffer (TBE), has been optimised for agarose gel electrophoresis of nucleic acids. Dissolve powder in 500 ml of distilled or deionised water to prepare a 10x concentrate which can be diluted 10-fold to make a 1x working electrophoresis buffer. Powdered Blend for 5 litres. Store at room temperature. Also available as a ready-made-up solution.

Q = What is the weight of powder in a full bottle of tris-borate EDTA buffer?

A = There should be approx. 85 grams of powder.

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