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Sodium Borohydride - ADR

Sodium Borohydride - ADR
Product Code :  S0002533-25GPrice:  £41.39 /25g(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 82

Only available for schools & colleges to order.

Product Code :  S0002533-25G
Assay:  99%
CAS:  16940-66-2
Index No.:  Not listed
EC No.:  241-004-4
Formula:  NaBH4
Synonyms:  Sodium Tetrahydridoborate
UN Hazard Class:  4.3
UN Number:  1426
UN Packing Group:  I

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Q = This has been supplied to us in tablet form, rather than powder; is this correct?
A = This is now supplied as tablets. Our supplier informs us that it is supplied in tablet form in order to reduce the surface area, to lessen the exposure to air and reduce the possibility of atmospheric moisture being absorbed -  which could result in hydrogen gas being evolved.
 Each tablet is approx. 1 gram in weight and as far as I know the tablets can be crushed fairly easily (in a fume cupboard, using a clean, dry, pestle and mortar and kept away from any naked flames or sparks)

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