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Rubber Stopper 2 Hole - 33 x 38.5mm

Rubber Stopper 2 Hole - 33 x 38.5mm
Product Code :  STP-200-033Price:  £14.15 /10pk(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 28

Rubber Stopper / Bung 2 Hole - 33 x 38.5mm

Q = What size are the holes in these stoppers?

A = The medium & larger size bungs have holes of approx. 5mm diameter. The most suitable glass or plastic tubing to use with these is 6mm diameter. N5 rubber tubing (5mm bore) fits well onto 6mm glass tubing.

Q = What is the temperature range that these can be used at and are they autoclavable? 

A = Our supplier states the temperature range to be -50C to 70C. However, the maximum temperature seems on the low side. The stoppers can certainly cope with being in boiling water (we have tested this), so I suspect the temperature range is on the cautious side and probably refers to sustained use for long periods within that temperature range. Shorter periods at higher temperatures are likely to be fine.

 Regarding autoclaving  they were less helpful and only suggested trying it for yourself!


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