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Wilberforce Pendulum

Wilberforce Pendulum
Product Code :  FMF-280-100Price:  £39.03 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 78

Originally developed in 1896 by an English physicist this fascinating device is a great example of a coupled mechanical oscillator.

Fairly complex physics can make a stunning demonstration of a coupled harmonic oscillator. This device, when pulled down and released, will oscillate in the vertical direction and then the energy will stop the vertical oscillation and turn to rotational oscillation, then back again and so on. Kit includes: adjustable Wilberforce pendulum mass, helical spring, mounting rod connected to a boss head clamp.

The radial arms have threaded adjustable weights, so that the moment of inertia can be tuned to the torsional vibration period. The apparatus needs to be mounted at least 1 metre above any surface e.g. hanging over the edge of a bench or clamped at the top of a long retort rod.

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