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Choice Chamber

Choice Chamber
Product Code :  ECL-650-100Price:  £7.78 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 15

The classic and well-known choice chamber, for observing the behaviour and preferred habitat conditions of small organisms. Manufactured using an injection moulded ABS base and Acrylic lid, the robust design and finish ensure many years use. The organisms being tested (e.g. woodlice or maggots) are introduced via the 15mm central hole in the lid.

The base has four equal compartments (quadrants), for holding desiccating and humidifying components. A piece of fine mesh is then placed over the quadrants, and the lid placed on top to hold the mesh in place. The mesh layer ensures the organisms cannot come into contact with the desiccant etc. below.

The lid of the chamber is also divided it into quarters, two of which are blacked out so that light is let through to two quarters and blocked out from the other two, providing a range of conditions within the quadrants below. The lid fits onto the base in such a way that the segments align with the segments of the base below. Dimensions: 180mm dia. x 35mm high. Sold individually.


Additional mesh material is also available separately (ECL-650-200). 

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