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Ingenhauze's Conductivity Apparatus

Ingenhauze's Conductivity Apparatus
Product Code :  HTC-300-100Price:  £27.30 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 54

For the comparison of conductivity of different metal rods. The apparatus consists of six metal rods, one each of copper, iron, lead, aluminium, steel and zinc of size about 150x3mm (length x diameter) fixed horizontally through holed rubber bungs inside a sheet metal trough of size about 150x90x100mm. (length x width x height) having six holes on one side. All metal rods have one end deep inside the trough while other end projecting outside. In use, the rods are lightly coated with paraffin wax and water in the trough is heated. The rates of melting of respective rods can becompared to find their relative conductivity.

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