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Product Code :  TMH-800-450Price:  £9.00 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 18

The ultimate multifunction laboratory timer for all your timing requirements, with built-in experiments and a large LCD screen display. No computer is needed - unless you want to paste the results into a Word document or spreadsheet, in which case a USB lead is all thats needed (no software required).

Designed by the makers of LogIT, it is simple and intuitive to use, with helpful on-screen prompts telling you how to set things up. Suitable for use with all age groups, the number of decimal places can even be set to suit age and ability. Powered by a single, replaceable, PP3 battery (included), Time Machine will run for months of classroom use before the battery needs replacing.

Many physics experiments are based around time. Time Machine was designed to perform time related tasks easily in a quick, intuitive way without the need for a computer.

A range of accessories are available to use with the Time Machine, allowing you to perform experiments in: Reaction Timing; Speed; Acceleration; Speed of Sound; Frequency Count; RPM; Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM); Acceleration Due To Gravity (g by freefall); Lap Timer. Or you can simply use Time Machine on its own as a stopwatch or countdown timer.

Vision Light Gate
•  used to detect when an object breaks the visible beam. The light gate sends a signal time machine whenever the beam is broken. Can be used for speed, acceleration, event timing, frequency count, RPM, SHM and acceleration due to gravity.
Impact sensor
•  Can be used to start or stop the time machine timer when impacted by a hand or ball. thesensor sends a signal to the timer whenever it is hit and has a centre mounted indicator LED. For use as a reaction timer when connected to a Time Machine, which, when set to 'Reaction Time' will run for a random length of time before lighting the LED. Students then tap the top of the impact sensor as quickly as possible to stop the timer, which records the reaction time taken. Can also be used as the bottom 'gate' for 'g' by freefall experiments. A peice of wood can be placed on top of the switch to offer protection and also provide a larger target
Sound Switch
•  Can be used to start or stop the time machine timer when a sound is made - the sound switch sensor sends a signal to the timer when a sound is detected. Can be used for speed of sound experiment (2 sound switches required). It could also be used to stop the timer when someone claps their hands, as in a reaction time experiment.
Timing Cards
•  These are supplied as a set of 3 pre-made interrupt cards - one single, one double and one picket fence - which can be mounted on objects (e.g. dynamics carts) or used on their own to drop through a light gate

Product Code :  TMH-800-450
Dimensions:  142 x 82 x 40mm
Resolution:  1S
Power:  Standard 9 volt PP3 alkaline battery (Include)
Accuracy:  Better than 0.01% +/- 1S

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