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Volumetric Flask - Duran - 1000ml

Volumetric Flask - Duran - 1000ml
Product Code :  FVO-200-001Price:  £45.32 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 90

Brand:  DURAN


Volumetric Flask - Duran - 1000ml. High quality, high accuracy volumetric flasks conforming to Class A standards, compliance with German weights and measures regulations (DE-M) and DIN & ISO 1042 specifications.
These are DURAN® branded, the quality of which is at least the equal of any other top quality borosilicate glassware and is a preferred brand in industry, pharma and research.
Each flask comes with a circular graduation mark, tapered ground top with plastic (PE) stopper and white labelling panel. Batch certificates are available. Typical applications include precise measurement of specified liquid volumes, preparation and storage of standard solutions.

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