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Resonance (Chladni) Plate - Square

Resonance (Chladni) Plate - Square
Product Code :  SWA-250-150Price:  £10.60 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 20

Metal plates for generating acoustically excited figures in media such as fine dry sand as in the experiment by Chladni. The centre has a 4mm hole for connection to the Vibration Generator

Q = I can't get my Chladni plate to work with my vibration generator and signal generator - is one of them faulty?
A = Any signal generator with an amplified output should work fine. If it doesn't have an amplified output it probably won't be powerful enough to drive a vibration generator. I think it is more a case of using dry sand, making sure the Chladni plate is really clean (so the sand doesn’t stick to it) and finding the right frequencies for the different harmonics to create patterns with the sand. This sometimes needs quite careful adjustment of the frequency - you can usually tell when you’ve got it right because the sound/vibration intensity suddenly increases.  Also, adjust the output (amplitude) so the signal is strong enough but doesn’t over-vibrate the plate.

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