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Ripple Tank - Standard

Ripple Tank - Standard
Product Code :  SWA-370-100Price:  £423.38 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 846

A good quality ripple tank kit, to allow demonstration of the basic properties of waves and wave propagation. The shallow water tank is illuminated from above, so the light shines through the waves in the water, appearing as shadows below. The wave shadows are then reflected by an angled, fixed mirror below the tank, onto an attached vertical frosted screen. The ripples in the water above now show up as shadows on the screen, giving a clear visual demonstration of the behaviour of waves. Waves are generated using the control unit and a straight wave ‘bar’ or ‘dippers’ which vibrate on the water surface to form waves (double dippers can be used to produce interference patterns). The kit also includes acrylic blocks to allow demonstration of reflection and refraction of waves, or the change in wave velocity with varying depth of water. Levelling feet are included, to ensure the tank can be levelled correctly before use. This simple to assemble kit comes with a link to instructions for assembly and use.

Supplied complete with: Shallow tank with detachable legs and feet; frosted screen & projection mirror (to aid demonstrations to a class); single, double & triple point dippers; straight wave dipper bar; acrylic blocks; bright LED light / stroboscope; vibration (wave) generator; control unit with power lead (which varies the wave frequency, strobe frequency, and allows the two to be synchronised).

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