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PSU Base Water Bath Mk2

PSU Base Water Bath Mk2
Product Code :  BAW-004-100Price:  £299.15 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 598


A school water bath designed around the ubiquitous Gratnells deep tray. The unit uses a silicon heat mat housed within a stainless steel cassette to deliver homogenous heating without the need for a stirrer. The cassette also provides a safe base away from direct heat and will not rust. This water bath is particularly suitable for use in hard water areas as any calcification can be easily wiped off the silicone heating mat. 

Temperature control is from ambient to 99°C. by means of a digital temperature controller which maintains the temperature to within 1°C and has a lock facility to prevent pupil tampering. A temperature probe on a flying lead allows either the temperature of the water bath to be controlled or it can be placed in the vessel to be heated to control the temperature within that vessel. 

Water capacity is from 3 to 7.5 litres. 3 litres of water gives the equivalent depth to 8 litres in a standard water bath, and therefore heats up much faster.

Safety is maintained by an electronic water level sensor which automatically cuts off the power if the water level drops below a pre-set level. This prevents the unit boiling dry if it is inadvertently left on for an extended period. 

The mains power lead has an inline RCD breaker (residual current device) for additional safety.

Both the heating mat and the temperature probe/water level sensor are replaceable on the Mk2 as they are not hard-wired.

The water bath comes complete with full instructions and a Z-shape test tube rack.

Product Code :  BAW-004-100
Brand:  PSU BASE
Capacity:  from 3 to 7.5 Litres
Temperature range:  From Ambient to 99C
Control:  within 1C

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