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Sulphuric Acid 96-98% - 1L

Sulphuric Acid 96-98% - 1L
Product Code :  S8001449-1LPrice:  £11.22 /1L(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 22

Only available for schools & colleges to order.

This product is covered by one of the following:

1. The Poisons Act 1972
2. The Control of Poisons and Explosives Precursors Regulations 2023
3. Category 2 Drug Precurors: The Law Enforcement and Security (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 No. 742

To purchase this chemical an End User Declaration (EUD) is required. We have a duty to ensure those chemicals covered by the legislation are only supplied to professional users who have provided us with the required information. We have a combined EUD which covers all legislation and all products.

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Product Code :  S8001449-1L
Assay:  98%
CAS:  7664-93-9
Index No.:  016-020-00-8
EC No.:  231-639-5
Formula:  H2SO4
Synonyms:  0
Info:  0
UN Hazard Class:  8
UN Number:  1830
UN Packing Group:  II

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Q = What is the molarity of the concentrated solution?
A = Density = 1.84g/ml (1840g/L); Assay = 98%; MW = 98.08.
Molarity = (density (g/l) x (assay%/100)) ÷ mol wt
Therefore: (1840 x 0.98) ÷ 98.08 = 18.39M

Q =  My Sulphuric acid has gone cloudy; is it alright and can I still use it?

A = The cloudiness is caused by very small amounts of finely divided particles, typically  Iron (III) sulphates, and it is not unusual to find these in the concentrated acid. The longer it is stored, the more likely it is to turn cloudy. However this should not affect its use, chemically and sometimes the solution turns clear when it is diluted.

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