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End User Declaration (EUD)

An End User Declaration (EUD) is required by law for The Control of Poisons, Explosives & Drug Precursors Regulations. We have a duty to ensure the chemicals listed below are only supplied to professional users who have provided us with the required information. This is a new combined EUD which covers all legislation below and supercedes our previous EUDs. 

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The legislation relating to this is specifically:
1. The Poisons Act 1972
2. The Control of Poisons and Explosives Precursors Regulations 2023
3. Category 2 Drug Precurors: The Law Enforcement and Security (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 No. 742

Please fill in the form above to ensure we can supply the chemicals listed which are either regulated or reportable. It is for your organisation to decide who the appropriate authorised signatory should be. This combined EUD covers all departments in the school and is valid for 18 months. There is no requirement to submit an EUD with all subsequent orders. In submitting this form you are declaring and accepting the following:

  1. You and your organisation recognise the products below are regulated and/or reportable.
  2. You and your organisation or anyone associated with your organisation will only use these chemicals for education purposes
  3. These chemicals will not be used outside of your organisation
  4. These chemicals will not be sold or given to any member of the public
  5. These chemicals will be stored and handled in line with our MSDS and CLEAPSS Hazcards recommendations
  6. These chemicals will be risk assessed before use in classrooms
  7. These chemicals will not be disposed of without consulting an Environment Agency approved contractor
  8. This EUD will be renewed every 18 months or earlier if the authorised individual changes

If Explosive Precursor Chemicals are ordered, there is a requirement for a form of photographic identification from the authorised individual placing the order.   Acceptable forms of ID are:

  • Passport
  • Driving Licence
  • Workplace ID Card

ID needs to be photographed or scanned and uploaded below. We would prefer a workplace ID Card as this will not include personal address details. If you do not have a photographic workplace ID Card, please redact any personal information before uploading. All information collected and stored will be subject to our privacy policy. Click here to view our privacy policy. Explosive precursors chemicals are highlighted in bold on the list below.

If we deem your purchase as suspicious we are duty bound to report it to the Suspicious Chemical Activity Service 

List of chemicals requiring an End User Declaration. (Those in BOLD are Explosive Precursors and require photo ID)

Acetic Anhydride Pure 100Ml. S8001012-100ML   Magnesium Nitrate 6-Water S5101198-500G
Acetic Anhydride Pure 500Ml. S8001012-500ML   N-Butylamine S3201546/250ML
Acetone A.R. 1L. S3101402-1L   Nitric Acid 69% S8001451-1L
Acetone Pure 1L. S3101294-1L   Nitric Acid 69% S8001451-250ML
Aluminium Metal - Powder S4301016-250G   Orthophosphoric Acid S8001268-500ML
Ammonia Solution S8001484-250ML   Oxalic Acid 2H2O Pure 500G. S6101433-500G
Ammonia Solution 35% W/W Pure 1L. S8001484-1L   Oxalic Acid 2-Water S6101433-250G
Ammonium Nitrate S5102020-500G   Phenol Pure 250G. S6101259-250G
Barium Carbonate S6101517-500G   Potassium Chlorate S5101275-500G
Barium Chloride 2H2O Pure 250G. S6101038-250G   Potassium Ferricyanide S0001281-250G
Barium Chloride 2-Water S6101038-500G   Potassium Ferrocyanide S0001280-250G
Barium Hydroxide 8H2O Pure 500G. S6101518-500G   Potassium Hydroxide Pellets A.R. 500G. S8001612-500G
Barium Nitrate Pure 250G. S5101039-250G   Potassium Hydroxide Pellets Pure 500G. S8001283-500G
Barium Oxide Anhydrous Tech. 50G. S6101983-50G   Potassium Nitrate S5101286-500G
Barium Peroxide Pure 100G. S5101841-100G   Potassium Oxalate 1-Water S6101377-100G
Brady's Reagent S8002775-50ML   Potassium Permanganate Pure 500G. S5101381-500G
Calcium Nitrate 4-Water S5101073-500G   Sodium Chlorate (V) S5101315-500G
Diethyl Ether Pure 500Ml. S3101129-500ML   Sodium Hydroxide 40% Solution (10M) S8001412-1L
Formaldehyde S8001213-500ML   Sodium Hydroxide Pearl Pure 500G. S8001379-500G
Formic Acid 85% W/W Pure 1L. S8001138-1L   Sodium Hydroxide Pellets A.R. 500G. S8001321-500G
Hydrochloric Acid - 36% S8001450-250ML   Sodium Hydroxide Pellets Pure 1Kg. S8001320-1KG
Hydrochloric Acid 35% W/W A.R. 1L. S8001461-1L   Sodium Hydroxide Pellets Pure 500G. S8001320-500G
Hydrochloric Acid 35% W/W Pure 1L. S8001450-1L   Sodium Hypochlorite Solution S8001322-1L
Hydrochloric Acid 4.0M (4N) 1L. S8001699-1L   Sodium Nitrate S5101326-500G
Hydrochloric Acid Cvs 1.0M (1.0N) 6X100Ml. S8001959-PK6   Sodium Oxalate S6101475-250G
Hydrogen Peroxide 100 Vols S5101155-1L   Sodium Sulphite Anhydrous Pure 500G. S0001332-500G
Hydrogen Peroxide 100 Vols S5101866-500ML   Sulphur Fine Powder S4101343-500G
Iron (Ii) Sulphide Lump S0001166-500G   Sulphuric Acid 2M (4N) Std Solution 1L. S8001428-1L
Lead (Ii) Acetate 3-Water S6101175-500G   Sulphuric Acid 96-98% S8001449-250ML
Magnesium Metal - Powder S4301192-100G   Sulphuric Acid Pure 1L. S8001449-1L
Magnesium Metal - Powder S4301192-500G   Toluene (Low In Sulphur) 500Ml. S3201215-500ML

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