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Burette Washer Unit

Burette Washer Unit
Product Code :  BUR-400-150Price:  £199.98 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 398

Spare Burette washer unit.For semi-automatic burette and pipette washing.The process: Place burettes in basketPlace basket in soaking vessel for approx. 3 hours with detergentPlace basket in rinser and operate as below.The rinser fills via the spray nozzle situated on the top rim. This eliminates back-syphoning as the water inlet is located above and away from any contaminated waters. The contaminated water syphons out once the syphon point at the top of the rinser has been reached via the large diameter drain situated at the bottom, before refilling automatically. During washing the burettes are housed in specially designed baskets whcih minimise breakages as they buffer the tips of burettes or pipettes against the soft polyethelyne base. Low water flow rate is not a problem but it is better to adjust the flow for a cycle of about 90 seconds. Requires an outlet pipe to be attached and directed to a suitable drain. Soaking takes the longest time so it is advisable to buy two or three baskets/soaking jars, to allow further burettes to soak whilst another full basket is being washed in the rinser.

Product Code :  BUR-400-150
Dimensions:  170mm x 990mm

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