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LogIT Observer to USB Lead

LogIT Observer to USB Lead
Product Code :  DAT-320-500Price:  £9.73 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 18

Brand:  LogIT


The complete instrument for the modern science lab. Working with up to 4 sensors at a time, it will show readings on its bright clear screen as a meter display or, at the touch of a button, it will record them into its built in datalogger memory and display them as a graph. Observer can also be used a laboratory timer.

•  Over 50 MicrosenseŽ sensors and adaptors available
•  Easy to use - simply plug in sensors abd readings are instantly displayed
•  Press 'start' and recording starts, press 'stop' and it stops. The easiest LogIT yet!
•  Integrated stop watch timer can be used as a comprehensive lab timer for use with light gates and other sensors
•  Splash proof face keeps it safe from lab spills or rain showers
•  Stores over 200,000 readings inside, from seconds to months
•  USB port for wired connection and powering from a PC or a Mac
•  Software for iPad, Windows and Mac Included
•  Over 30 free experiment resources on

Q = Which type of batteries are suitable for use in the Observer?
A = The batteries must be alkaline. Rechargeable and Zinc Carbon types are not suitable. The unit can also be powered via the USB socket.

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