Chemical Regulations

6 October 2023  |  Admin

Chemical Regulations

What has Changed

Whilst we have always requested End User Declarations (EUDs) for certain chemicals, changes from October 2023 to the Control of Poisons & Explosives Precursors Regulations have broadened the scope of chemicals covered. The main changes to the legislation which affects schools are summarised below.

From 1 October 2023 businesses supplying regulated explosives precursors to professional users and other businesses (i.e., those who don’t need a licence) will need to take additional steps to verify the legitimacy of the professional user or business.

The person making the sale must obtain the following from the business customer:

  • The business customer’s name and address. If the business customer is not an individual, the name of an individual who is authorised on behalf of the business customer should be recorded;
  • A form of photographic identification of the business customer or, if the business customer is not an individual, of the individual making the purchase;
  • A statement of the nature of the business customer’s trade, business or profession, or of the public function that the business customer performs; and
  • The business customer’s VAT registration number, if the business customer has such a number.

This information must be recorded and retained for 18 months and available for inspection. Businesses and professional users should be verified every time a new purchase is made. Where regulated substances are being supplied frequently or on a routine basis to the same professional user or business, verification should occur every 18 months or whenever there is a change or deviation from normal purchasing patterns.

Our interpretation of the law

Schools and those ordering on behalf of schools are classed as "Professional Users" and therefore fall under the scope of this legislation, whether we ship the chemical from our warehouse or it comes direct from our supplier. The requirement for photographic ID only relates to the supply of those chemicals deemed as explosive precursors. All others including Poisons & Drug Precursors require an EUD but not with photo ID.

What this means to you, our customer

To ensure we comply with these new regulations and simplify the process for you,  we have implemented a combined End User Declaration (EUD) to cover all the chemicals we supply which require a form of EUD, including Category 2 Drug precursors. This new EUD negates the need for multiple forms for different chemicals. Please note if photographic ID is not provided, explosive precursors cannot be supplied. Once the EUD has been submitted it must be updated every 18 months or if the authorised individual changes. There is no requirement to submit an EUD every time an order is placed. All chemicals on our website will clearly show if an EUD is required. Our EUD is a simple form accessed on our website.  All information collected and stored will be subject to our privacy policy. Click here to view our privacy policy.

If you wish to order a chemical covered by this legislation please click here to fill in your EUD 

For full details of the legislation click on this link below. This also provides a list of the chemicals covered.

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