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V4K Ultra High-Definition USB Visualiser

V4K Ultra High-Definition USB Visualiser
 V4K Ultra High-Definition USB VisualiserV4K Ultra High-Definition USB Visualiser 
Product Code :  VIS-400-100Price:  £141.67 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 282

The V4K is a quality, Ultra High Definition, live image USB visualiser and document scanner, which features an 8-megapixel camera offering resolutions up to 3264 x 2448, for capturing the smallest details without pixilation. Featuring high frame rate at high resolutions, for ultra-smooth live streaming, the camera allows you to stream up to 30fps at full HD, or even up to 15fps at the highest resolution of 3264 x 2448. The visualiser features fast focusing speed to help minimise interruptions when switching between different subject material during lessons or presentations. Exceptional noise reduction and colour reproduction with song CMOS image sensor, with enhanced performance in dimly lit environments. The multi-jointed stand allows the versatility to capture experiments, apparatus or text at different heights and angles. It also provides a really simple way to tighten any joints which may become loose after regular, heavy use - simply tighten the joints using a coin in the slot of any bolt which has become loose!
The V4K visualiser is compatible with a variety of software and applications, and the free IPEVO 'Visualizer' software can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website. IPEVO 'Visualiser' allows you to display the video feed from your computer camera, record it, modify it and more. You can also double it up as a webcam for online meetings, video conferencing, or remote teaching when used with video conferencing software such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype or Google Hangouts. A built-in microphone is incorporated with the camera. Using 'Visualizer' you canadjust the displayed image in various ways, such as Zooming in, rotating, mirroring, changing the resolution, adjusting exposure, applying a video filter, taking a snapshot and more (please not: IPEVO 'Visualizer' versions for iOS,tvOS, and Android do not support document cameras connected via USB).
The split screen option allows you to connect 2 document cameras to your computer at the same time, to present in split-screen. Visualizer will create 2 panes for your live feeds, and you will be able to adjust them independently.
The visualizer software supports iDocCam. By using iDocCam on your iPhone and Visualizer on you Mac/PC/iPhone'iPad/Android tablet or 4th generationand above version of Apple TV, you can view, control and adjust the live images captured by your iPhones camera in 'Visualizer'.
The picture-in-picture (PiP) feature can be useful for your live presentationor video recording. You can use the main window to show what you are working on, and the pinned overlay window to show yourself talking it through. Available for Mac and Windows. When scanning documents, you can select auto-detection or manually choose the area you wish to capture, with the coice to save images as jpg or PDF profiles, change aspects ratios, and/or scan 2 pages at once. Available for Mac Windows.

•  8.0MP Camera (up to 3264 x 2448 pixels)
•  Video: up to 30 fps HD
•  1 LED top light and 10 LED side lights with diffuser
•  Auto-focus lens
•  From close-up to A4 images capture area
•  Premium build quality
•  Plug & Play simplicity
•  Software included for document scanning
•  Rotating head, base and arm - view objects at any angle
•  Connection to PC/Laptop: USB 2.0
•  Folds u pfor easy carrying or storage
•  Integrated microphone
•  Windows compatiblility: windows XP / Vista/7/8/10

Product Code :  VIS-400-100

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