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Labwater 2 Deioniser

Labwater 2 Deioniser
Product Code :  WAT-350-150Price:  £742.90 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 1485

These deionisers provide a simple, cost-effective method of producing 1-10μS/cm purified water for use in laboratories etc. Two models are available, Labwater 1, with a feed flow rate of up to 30 l/hr and Labwater 2, with a feed flow rate of up to 60 l/hr. Water feed (input) pressure should be in the range 0.5-5 bar.

Both units incorporate an easily replaceable resin filled cartridge, which changes colour through absorption of ionic contaminants - on fully changing colour from blue to brown, simply replace the cartridge. The units are typically wall mounted and are easily connected via a hose (not included) to a tap, then operated directly using mains water pressure, meaning no external electrical supply is required. The deionised water produced has a neutral pH and conductivity of 1-10μS/cm.


Typical output capacities of deionised/purified water for each model, and with different hardness of water feed (input), are listed below, although in extreme hard water areas the output of purified water may be less than the lowest figures stated. TDS refers to Total Dissolved Solids – your local water authority should be able to provide this figure for your water supply.


Labwater 1: 50 mg/l TDS (soft water) – 640 litres; 200 mg/l TDS (medium-hard water) – 160 litres; 300 mg/l TDS (hard water) – 106 litres. Dimensions 80 x 580mm (w x h).

Labwater 2: 50 mg/l TDS (soft water) – 1280 litres; 200 mg/l TDS (medium-hard water) – 320 litres; 300 mg/l TDS (hard water) – 212 litres. Dimensions 80 x 760mm (w x h).


Each unit is supplied with one spare cartridge. Replacement cartridges are also available separately.

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